90-days limited warranty on selected automation products


  • Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley)

This warranty is valid only for products that include the word "warranty" in their description, regardless of the condition of the product sold (new or used). The warranty period starts from the date of shipment to the customer, when selling the product to the customer. Voltatek's warranty provides free replacement or repair for products that are malfunctioning. The choice to repair or replace the defective product is at the discretion of Voltatek Automation Enr.

Defective products covered by this warranty must be shipped to Voltatek Automation Enr. We will review the defective product and determine if the defect is covered by the Voltatek warranty. If Voltatek found that the defect is covered by this warranty, Voltatek will choose to send a product of the same model to the customer OR the product will be repaired OR refunded. This warranty only covers products sold by Voltatek Automation Enr. and does not in any way cover damage to people or other equipment or loss of profit or costs incurred by a defective part sold by Voltatek Automation Enr. This warranty will be void if it has been found that the product has been tampered with, misused, damaged, contaminated, was electrically overloaded or improperly installed.

Any installation that does not meet the applicable standards or laws in force in the country of use or that does not meet the installation guidelines of the manufacturer will also void any warranty. The customer must comply with the manufacturer installation and usage manuals.

The buyer will pay the shipping cost for returning a defective product to us. Voltatek will pay the shipping cost for sending a replacement unit to the customer.

This warranty is provided by Voltatek Automation Enr. and this warranty has no affiliation with the warranties of the manufacturers. The manufacturer's warranties do not apply on the products sold on this website (voltatek.ca).

All serial numbers of the products sold are recorded to validate the warranty. These numbers are shared with the buyer so that he can validate the warranty.

Any warranty will be void if the serial numbers of the products do not match those that were sold or if they were tampered with or modified.

Rockwell Disclaimer: The product is used surplus. Voltatek is not an authorized surplus dealer or affiliate for the Manufacturer of this product. The product may have older date codes or be an older series than that available direct from the factory or authorized dealers. Because Voltatek is not an authorized distributor of this product, the Original Manufacturer’s warranty does not apply. While many Allen-Bradley PLC products will have firmware already installed, Voltatek makes no representation as to whether a PLC product will or will not have firmware and, if it does have firmware, whether the firmware is the revision level that you need for your application. Voltatek also makes no representations as to your ability or right to download or otherwise obtain firmware for the product from Rockwell, its distributors, or any other source. Voltatek also makes no representations as to your right to install any such firmware on the product. Voltatek will not obtain or supply firmware on your behalf. It is your obligation to comply with the terms of any End-User License Agreement or similar document related to obtaining or installing firmware.


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