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Name Reference Category
Allen-Bradley 2711P-T6C20D PanelView Plus 600 5.5 Inch Color Display, Ethernet 2711P-T6C20D PanelView
1761-CBL-PM02 Cable for MicroLogix 8-Pin Mini DIN to 9-Pin D Shell RS232 1761-CBL-PM02-SUB MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1756-TBSH ControlLogix 20 Pin Spring-Clamp Block 1756-TBSH ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-TBS6H ControlLogix 36-Pin Spring-Clamp Terminal Block 1756-TBS6H ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-TBNH ControlLogix 20 Position NEMA Screw Clamp Block 1756-TBNH ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-TBE Extended Depth Terminal Block Housing 1756-TBE ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-TBCH ControlLogix 36 Pin Cage-Clamp Terminal Block 1756-TBCH ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-SPESMNSE GuardLogix SP Energy Storage Module 1756-SPESMNSE ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-SIM ControlLogix I/O Simulator Module, 8 In/Out 1756-SIM ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-RMC3 Fiber Cable for 1756-RM Module, 3m (9.84ft) 1756-RMC3 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-RMC10 Fiber Optic Cable for 1756-RM & 1756-RMXT, 10m 1756-RMC10 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-RMC1 Fiber Cable for 1756-RM Module, 1m (3.28ft) 1756-RMC1 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-RM2XT ControlLogix-XT Temperature Redundancy Module 1756-RM2XT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-RM2 ControlLogix Redundancy Module with up to 1000 Mbps 1756-RM2 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-RM ControlLogix Redundancy Module 1756-RM ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-RIO ControlLogix Remote I/O Communication Module 1756-RIO ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PSCA2 ControlLogix Redundant Power Supply Chassis Adapter 1756-PSCA2 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PSCA ControlLogix Redundant Power Supply Chassis Adapter 1756-PSCA ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PLS ControlLogix Programmable Limit Switch Module 3-20 Pin 1756-PLS ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PH75 ControlLogix Power Supply, 90-143V DC In, 5V/13A Out 1756-PH75 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PBXT ControlLogix LogixXT 19.2-32VDC Power Supply 1756-PBXT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PB75R ControlLogix Rack Mount Redundant Power Supply 1756-PB75R ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PB75 ControlLogix 18-32VDC Power Supply, Rack Mount 1756-PB75 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PB72 ControlLogix Power Supply 18-32VDC / 5V @ 10A 1756-PB72 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PB50 ControlLogix Slim Power Supply 18-32V DC / 5V@8A 1756-PB50 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PB30XT ControlLogix XT Slim Power Supply 18-32V DC / 6A@5V 1756-PB30XT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PA75R ControlLogix Power Supply Redundant 85-265VAC/5V@13A 1756-PA75R ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-PA75 ControlLogix Power Supply 85-265VAC / 5V @ 13A 1756-PA75 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PA72 ControlLogix Power Supply 85-265VAC / 5V @ 10A 1756-PA72 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PA50 ControlLogix Slim Power Supply 85-265VAC / 5V@8A 1756-PA50 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-PA30XT ControlLogix XT Slim Power Supply 85-265VAC / 6A@5V 1756-PA30XT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OX8I ControlLogix AC/DC Isolated Relay Output Module, 8-Ch 1756-OX8I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OW16I ControlLogix Isolated Relay Output Module 16-P 1756-OW16I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OV32E ControlLogix DC Fused Sinking Output 10-30V DC, 32-P 1756-OV32E ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OV16E ControlLogix DC Fused Sinking Output 10-30V DC, 16-P 1756-OV16E ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-ON8 ControlLogix AC Output Module 10-30V AC 8-Point, 2A 1756-ON8 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OH8I ControlLogix Isolated Output 90-146V DC 8-Points 1756-OH8I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OG16 ControlLogix TTL Output Low True 0-5V DC 16-Point 1756-OG16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OF8I ControlLogix Analog Output Module, 8 Isolated Points 1756-OF8I ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-OF8H ControlLogix Analog Output HART Current/Voltage, 8-P 1756-OF8H ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OF8 ControlLogix 8 Current/Voltage Analog Output Module 1756-OF8 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OF6VI ControlLogix Isolated Analog Output Voltage Module 6P 1756-OF6VI ControlLogix
ControlLogix Isolated Analog Output, Current, 6 Points 1756-OF6CI ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OF4 ControlLogix Analog Output Module Current/Voltage 4-Ch 1756-OF4 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OC8 ControlLogix 30-60V DC 8-Ch Digital Output Module 1756-OC8 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OB8EI ControlLogix Fused Isolated Output 10-30V DC 8-Point 1756-OB8EI ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OB8 ControlLogix 19-30V DC 8-Ch Digital Output Module 1756-OB8 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OB32 ControlLogix 10-31VDC Output Module, 32 Points 1756-OB32 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OB16IS ControlLogix Scheduled Isolated Output 10-30VDC Cam 1756-OB16IS ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OB16IEFS ControlLogix Scheduled Fast Iso Output 10-30V Cam 1756-OB16IEFS ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OB16IEF ControlLogix Fast Isolated Output 10-30V DC 1756-OB16IEF ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-OB16I ControlLogix 10-30VDC Isolated Output Module 16P 1756-OB16I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OB16E ControlLogix 10-31V DC 16-Ch Fused Output Module 1756-OB16E ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OB16D ControlLogix 19-30VDC Diagnostic Output Module 16P 1756-OB16D ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OA8E ControlLogix AC Fused Output Module 74-132V AC 8-Port 1756-OA8E ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OA8D ControlLogix Diagnostic AC Output Module 74-132VAC 8-P 1756-OA8D ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OA8 ControlLogix Digital AC Output Module 74-265V 8-Points 1756-OA8 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OA16I ControlLogix Isolated Output Module 74-265V AC 16-Ch 1756-OA16I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-OA16 ControlLogix Output Module 74-265 VAC 16-Ch (20 Pin) 1756-OA16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-N2XT ControlLogix-XT Empty Slot Filler Card 1756-N2XT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-N2 ControlLogix Empty Slot Filler Card 1756-N2 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-MVID ControlLogix Multi-Vendor Interface Module 1756-MVID ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-MVI ControlLogix Multi-Vendor Interface Module 1756-MVI ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M3 ControlLogix Logix5550 2Mbyte Expansion Memory Module 1756-M3 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M24 ControlLogix Logix5555 3.5Mb Nonvolatile Memory Module 1756-M24 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M23 ControlLogix Logix5555 1.5Mb Nonvolatile Memory Module 1756-M23 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M22 ControlLogix Logix5555 750Kb Nonvolatile Memory Module 1756-M22 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M2 ControlLogix Logix5550 1Mbyte Expansion Memory Module 1756-M2 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M16SE ControlLogix 16 Axis SERCOS Servo Module 1756-M16SE ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M16 ControlLogix Logix5555 7.5Mb Expansion Memory Module 1756-M16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M14 ControlLogix Logix5555 3.5Mbyte Memory Module 1756-M14 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M13 ControlLogix Logix5555 1.5Mb Expansion Memory Module 1756-M13 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M12 ControlLogix Logix5555 750Kb Expansion Memory Module 1756-M12 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M1 ControlLogix Logix5550 512Kbyte Expansion Memory Module 1756-M1 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M08SEG ControlLogix 8 Axis Generic SERCOS Servo Module 1756-M08SEG ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M08SE ControlLogix 8 Axis SERCOS Servo Module 1756-M08SE ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M03SE ControlLogix 3 Axis SERCOS Servo Module 1756-M03SE ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module 1756-M02AS ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AE ControlLogix 2-Axis Analog Encoder Servo Module 1756-M02AE ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-LSP ControlLogix GuardLogix Safety Partner Controller 1756-LSP ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-LSC8XIB8I ControlLogix Low Speed Counter 24VDC, 8-CTR/8-DI 1756-LSC8XIB8I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L8SP ControlLogix GuardLogix5580 Safety Partner Controller 1756-L8SP ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L85E ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 40MB, USB/EtherNet 1756-L85E ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L84ES GuardLogix5580 Processor, 26MB, EtherNet/USB 1756-L84ES ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L84E ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 20MB, USB/EtherNet 1756-L84E ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L83ES GuardLogix5580 Processor, 15MB, EtherNet/USB 1756-L83ES ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L83E ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 10MB, USB/EtherNet 1756-L83E ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L82ES GuardLogix5580 Processor, 7.5MB, EtherNet/USB 1756-L82ES ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L82E ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 5MB, USB/EtherNet 1756-L82E ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L81ES GuardLogix5580 Processor, 4.5MB, EtherNet/USB 1756-L81ES ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L81EK ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 3MB, EtherNet/USB 1756-L81EK ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L81E ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 3MB, EtherNet/USB 1756-L81E ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L7SP ControlLogix GuardLogix Safety Partner Controller 1756-L7SP ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L75 ControlLogix Logix5575 Processor with 32 Mbytes Memory 1756-L75 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L74 ControlLogix Logix5574 Processor with 16 Mbytes Memory 1756-L74 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L73XT ControlLogix-XT Logix5673 Processor with 8MB Memory 1756-L73XT ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-L73S GuardLogix Processor 8MB Std / 4MB Safety Memory 1756-L73S ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L73K ControlLogix Logix5673 Processor, 8MB, Conformal Coat 1756-L73K ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L73 ControlLogix Logix5573 Processor with 8 Mbytes Memory 1756-L73 ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-L72S GuardLogix Processor 4MB Std / 2MB Safety Memory 1756-L72S ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L72EROMS Armor GuardLogix Safety Processor, 4MB/2MB 1756-L72EROMS ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L72EROM Armor ControlLogix Processor, 4MB 1756-L72EROM ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-L72 ControlLogix Logix5572 Processor with 4 Mbytes Memory 1756-L72 ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-L71S GuardLogix Processor 2MB Std / 1MB Safety Memory 1756-L71S ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L71 ControlLogix Logix5571 Processor with 2 Mbytes Memory 1756-L71 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L65 ControlLogix Logix5565 Processor, 32MB Memory 1756-L65 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L64 ControlLogix Logix5564 Processor, 16MB Memory 1756-L64 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L63XT ControlLogix-XT Logix5563 Processor with 8MB Memory 1756-L63XT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L63S GuardLogix Safety Processor 8M/4M Safety Memory 1756-L63S ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L63 ControlLogix Logix5563 Processor, 8MB Memory 1756-L63 ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-L62S GuardLogix Processor 4MB Std / 1MB Safety Memory 1756-L62S ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-L62 ControlLogix Logix5562 Processor 4MB Memory 1756-L62 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L61S GuardLogix Processor 2MB Std / 1MB Safety Memory 1756-L61S ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-L61 ControlLogix Logix5561 Processor 2MB 1756-L61 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L60M03SE ControlLogix Logix5560M03SE Controller SERCOS 3-Axis 1756-L60M03SE ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M24 Logix5555 Processor, 3.5MB Non-Volatile Memory 1756-L55M24 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M23 Logix5555 Processor, 1.5MB Non-Volatile Memory 1756-L55M23 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M22 Logix5555 Processor, 750KB Non-Volatile Memory 1756-L55M22 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M16 ControlLogix Logix5555 Processor, 7.5MB Memory 1756-L55M16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M14 Logix5555 Processor, 3.5MB Memory 1756-L55M14 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M13 Logix5555 Processor, 1.5MB Memory 1756-L55M13 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M12 Logix5555 Processor, 750KB Memory 1756-L55M12 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L55 ControlLogix Logix5555 Processor 1756-L55 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L1M3 ControlLogix Logix5550 Processor with 2MB User Memory 1756-L1M3 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L1M2 ControlLogix Logix5550 Processor with 1MB User Memory 1756-L1M2 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L1M1 ControlLogix Logix5550 Processor, 512KB Memory 1756-L1M1 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-L1 ControlLogix Logix5550 Processor with 64KB User Memory 1756-L1 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-JMPR ControlLogix Jumper Bars for RTB 36-Pin, 25-Pcs Pack 1756-JMPR ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IV32 ControlLogix Sourcing Input Module 10-30V DC 32-Point 1756-IV32 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IV16 ControlLogix Digital Input Module 10-30V DC, 16-Point 1756-IV16 ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-IT6I2 ControlLogix Enhanced Thermocouple/Mv Input 6P 1756-IT6I2 ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-IT6I ControlLogix Isolated Thermocouple/mV Input 6-Pt 1756-IT6I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IT16 ControlLogix Non-Isolated Thermocouple/mV Input 16-Pt 1756-IT16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley1756-IRT8I ControlLogix 8-Ch Input RTD/Ohms/Thermocouple/mV 1756-IRT8I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IR6I ControlLogix Isolated RTD Input Module, 6-Ch 1756-IR6I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IR12 ControlLogix Non-Isolated RTD Input, 12 Points 1756-IR12 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IN16 ControlLogix Input Module 10-30V AC, 16 Points 1756-IN16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IM16I ControlLogix Isolated Input Module 159-265V AC 16-P 1756-IM16I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IH16ISOE ControlLogix Digital Input 16-P 125VDC SOE Isol. 1756-IH16ISOE ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IH16I ControlLogix Isolated Input Module 90-146V DC 16P 1756-IH16I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IG16 ControlLogix Digital Input 16-P, 5V DC TTL (Low True) 1756-IG16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IF8IH ControlLogix Analog Isolated Input HART 8-Points 1756-IF8IH ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-IF8I ControlLogix Analog Isolated Input Module 8-Points 36Pin 1756-IF8I ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-IF8H ControlLogix Analog Differential Input HART 8-Points 1756-IF8H ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IF8 ControlLogix Analog Input Module Current/Voltage 8P 1756-IF8 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IF6I ControlLogix Analog Input Module, Current/Voltage, 6 Pts 1756-IF6I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IF6CIS ControlLogix Analog Input Isolated Current Sourcing 1756-IF6CIS ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IF4FXOF2F ControlLogix Fast Analog Module 4-In 2-Out 1756-IF4FXOF2F ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IF16H ControlLogix Analog Input Module 16-Point HART 1756-IF16H ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IF16 ControlLogix 16 Current/Voltage Analog Input 1756-IF16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IC16 ControlLogix Input Module 30-60V DC 16-Points 1756-IC16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IB32 ControlLogix Input Module 10-31V DC, 32 Points 1756-IB32 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IB16ISOE ControlLogix Sequence of Event Input 24/48V DC 1756-IB16ISOE ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IB16IF ControlLogix Isolated Input Module 10-30VDC 16P 1756-IB16IF ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IB16I ControlLogix Isolated Input Module 10-30VDC 16-P 1756-IB16I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IB16D ControlLogix Diagnostic Input Module 10-30VDC 16P 1756-IB16D ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IB16 ControlLogix Input Module 10-31VDC 16-P 20 Pin 1756-IB16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IA8D ControlLogix Diagnostic Input Module 79-132V AC 8-Port A 1756-IA8D ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IA32 ControlLogix 74-132 VAC Input Module 32 Inputs 1756-IA32 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IA16I ControlLogix 79-132V AC Isolated Input Module 16P 1756-IA16I ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-IA16 ControlLogix 79-132V AC Input Module 16P 1756-IA16 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-HYD02 ControlLogix Hydraulic Servo Module, 2-Channel LDT 1756-HYD02 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-HSC ControlLogix High Speed Counter Module 2-Ch, 4-Out 1756-HSC ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-HIST2G ControlLogix FactoryTalk Historian ME Module, 2GB 1756-HIST2G ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-HIST1G ControlLogix FactoryTalk Historian ME Module 1GB 1756-HIST1G ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-EWEB ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Web Server Module 1756-EWEB ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-ESMNSE ControlLogix Energy Storage Module 1756-ESMNSE ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-ESMCAP ControlLogix capacitor-based Energy-Storage Module 1756-ESMCAP ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-ENET ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge Module, Twisted Pair 1756-ENET ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-ENBT ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge Module 1756-ENBT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-EN3TR ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Module Dual 10/100 Mbps 1756-EN3TR ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-EN2TXT Logix XT EtherNet/IP bridge Module 10/100 Mbps 1756-EN2TXT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-EN2TSC ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Secure Comm Module 1756-EN2TSC ControlLogix
Logix XT EtherNet Module Dual 10/100 Mbps 1756-EN2TRXT ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-EN2TRK ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge Dual 10/100 Mbps 1756-EN2TRK ControlLogix
ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Module Dual 10/100 Mbps 1756-EN2TR ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-EN2TK ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge 10/100Mbps FE 1756-EN2TK ControlLogix
ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge Module 10/100 Mbps FE 1756-EN2T ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-EN2F ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Fiber Module 10/100 Mbps 1756-EN2F ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-DNB ControlLogix DeviceNet Bridge/Scanner Module 1756-DNB ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-DMF30 ControlLogix Drive Module, DPS SF3000 to SynchLink 1756-DMF30 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-DMD30 ControlLogix Drive Module, DPS SD3000 to SynchLink 1756-DMD30 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-DMA31 ControlLogix Drive Module, DPS SA3100 to SynchLink 1756-DMA31 ControlLogix
Digitronic 1756-DICAM CamCon DC1756 Digital Cam Switch Module, 8-In/24-Out 1756-DICAM ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-DHRIO ControlLogix DH+/RIO Bridge/Scanner Module 1756-DHRIO ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-DH485 ControlLogix DH-485 Communications Module 1756-DH485 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CPR2U Redundant Power Supply Cable UP 0.8m (2.62ft) 1756-CPR2U ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CPR2D Redundant Power Supply Cable DOWN 0.8m (2.62ft) 1756-CPR2D ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CPR2 Redundant Power Supply Cable 0.91 m (3 ft) 1756-CPR2 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CP3 Logix Family RS-232 Programmer Cable 1756-CP3 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CNBR ControlLogix ControlNet Redundant Bridge Module 1756-CNBR ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CNB ControlLogix ControlNet Bridge Module 1756-CNB ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CN2RXT ControlLogix-XT ControlNet Redundant Bridge Module 1756-CN2RXT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CN2R ControlLogix ControlNet Redundant Bridge Module 1756-CN2R ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CN2 ControlLogix ControlNet Dual Capacity Bridge Module 1756-CN2 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CJC Cold Junction Compensation Thermistors, 2 pcs 1756-CJC ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-CFM ControlLogix Configurable Flowmeter 2-In 2-Out 1756-CFM ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-BATM ControlLogix Externally Mounted Battery Module 1756-BATM ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-BATA Replacement Lithium Battery for 1756-BATM 1756-BATA ControlLogix
1756-BA2 Replacement Lithium Metal Battery Assembly, 3V for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 1756-BA2 ControlLogix
1756-BA1 Replacement for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix/FlexLogix Battery Assembly 1756-BA1 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-AMXN ControlLogix AutoMax/RIO Communication Module 1756-AMXN ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-A7LXT 7 Slot ControlLogix-XT Chassis 1756-A7LXT ControlLogix
Allen Bradley 1756-A7 7 Slot ControlLogix Chassis 1756-A7 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-A5XT 5-Slot ControlLogix Chassis, Logix XT 1756-A5XT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-A4 4 Slot ControlLogix Chassis 1756-A4 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-A17 17 Slot ControlLogix Chassis 1756-A17 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-A13 13 Slot ControlLogix Chassis 1756-A13 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-A10XT 10 Slot ControlLogix XT Chassis 1756-A10XT ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1756-A10 10 Slot ControlLogix Chassis 1756-A10 ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley 1794-VHSC Flex I/O 2-Channel 1 Mhz Very High Speed Counter 1794-VHSC Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TBNF FLEX I/O Fused NEMA Terminal Base, Screw Clamp 1794-TBNF Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TBN Flex I/O Terminal Base, NEMA, Screw Clamp 1794-TBN Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB3TS Flex I/O Temperature Terminal Base 3-W Spring Clamp 1794-TB3TS Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB3T FLEX I/O Terminal Base for Temperature Modules 3-Wire 1794-TB3T Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB3S FLEX I/O Terminal Base, 3-Wire Spring-Clamp 1794-TB3S Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB3K FLEX I/O Terminal Base, 3-Wire Screw, Cage Clamp 1794-TB3K Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB3GS FLEX I/O Terminal Base 3-Wire Grounded, Spring Clamp 1794-TB3GS Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB3G Flex I/O Terminal Base, 3-Wire Grounded, Screw Clamp 1794-TB3G Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB37DS Flex Ex Flex XT I/O Terminal Base, 37-Pin D-Shell 1794-TB37DS Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB32S Flex I/O 32-Ch Terminal Base 3-Wire Spring Clamp 1794-TB32S Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB32 Flex I/O 32-Ch Terminal Base, 3-Wire, Cage Clamp 1794-TB32 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB3 FLEX I/O Terminal Base, 3-Wire Screw, Cage Clamp 1794-TB3 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-TB2 FLEX I/O Terminal Base, 2-Wire screw, Cage Clamp 1794-TB2 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-PS3 FLEX I/O Power Supply 120/230V AC, 3A@24VDC 1794-PS3 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-PS13 Flex I/O Power Supply 85-264V AC to 24V DC 1.3A 1794-PS13 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-PS1 FLEX I/O Power Supply, 120/230V AC, 24V DC @ 1A 1794-PS1 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OW8 FLEX I/O Output Module, 8 Isolated N.O. Relay Contacts 1794-OW8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OV32 Flex I/O Output Module 24V DC, 32 Sink Outputs 1794-OV32 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OV16P Flex Output Module 24V DC 16 Protected Sink Outputs 1794-OV16P Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OV16 Flex I/O Output Module 24V DC, 16 Sink Outputs 1794-OV16 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OF8IH FLEX I/O HART Analog Current Output Module 8 Outputs 1794-OF8IH Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OF4IXT Flex I/O-XT Analog Output Module Isolated 4-Points 1794-OF4IXT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OF4I Flex I/O Analog Output Module Isolated 4-Points 1794-OF4I Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OE8H Flex I/O HART Analog Output Module, 8 Outputs 1794-OE8H Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OE4XT Flex XT Analog Output Module 12 Bit 4 Single Outputs 1794-OE4XT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OE4 FLEX I/O Analog Output Module, 12 Bit 4 Outputs 1794-OE4 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OE12 Flex I/O Analog Output Module, 12 Single Outputs 1794-OE12 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OC16 FLEX I/O Digital Output Module, 16-Point, 48VDC 1794-OC16 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OB8EPXT FLEX I/O-XT Digital Output, 8P, 24VDC/2A Protected 1794-OB8EPXT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OB8EP FLEX Output Module 24VDC 8-P Electronically Fused 1794-OB8EP Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OB8 FLEX I/O DC Output Module 24V DC, 8 Source Outputs 1794-OB8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OB32P Output Module, 24V DC, 32 Source Outputs, Protected 1794-OB32P Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OB16PXT FLEX I/O-XT Digital Output Module, 16-Point, 24VDC 1794-OB16PXT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OB16P Flex I/O 16 Source Outputs, 24V DC, Protected 1794-OB16P Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OB16D Flex I/O 16 Source Output w/Diagnostics, 24V DC 1794-OB16D Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OB16 Flex I/O Output Module, 24VDC, 16 Source Outputs 1794-OB16 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OA8I Flex I/O Digital Output Module 8 Isolated Outputs 1794-OA8I Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OA8 Flex I/O Digital Output Module 85-132VAC 8 Outputs 1794-OA8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-OA16 FLEX I/O AC Output Module, 85-132 VAC, 16 Ou+J758:J789tputs, Ser A 1794-OA16 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-L34 FlexLogix Processor, 512KB User Memory, 24VDC 1794-L34 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-L33 FlexLogix Processor, 64KB User Memory 1794-L33 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IV32 Flex I/O Input Module, 24VDC, 32 Source Inputs 1794-IV32 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IV16 Flex I/O Input Module, 24VDC, 16 Source Inputs 1794-IV16 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IT8 Flex I/O Analog Input Module Thermocouple/mV 8 Ch 1794-IT8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IRT8XT FLEX I/O XT Analog Input 8-Ch Thermocouple/RTD/mV 1794-IRT8XT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IRT8 Flex I/O Analog Input Module 8-In Thermocouple/RTD/Mv 1794-IRT8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IR8 FLEX I/O RTD Input Module, 8 RTD Inputs 1794-IR8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IP4 Flex I/O Input Module 4-Ch 12/24VDC Pulse Counter 1794-IP4 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IM8 Flex I/O Input Module, 220V AC, 8 Inputs 1794-IM8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IM16 FLEX I/O AC Input Module, 220V AC, 16 Inputs 1794-IM16 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IJ2XT FLEX I/O-XT Counter Module, 2-Channel, High Resol. 1794-IJ2XT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IJ2 Flex I/O Input Module, 2-Ch High Resolution Frequency 1794-IJ2 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IF8IH Flex I/O 8-Ch Analog Input Module with HART 1794-IF8IH Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IF4IXT Flex I/O-XT Analog Input Module, 4 Isolated Inputs 1794-IF4IXT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IF4I FLEX I/O Analog Input Module 4 Isolated Inputs 1794-IF4I Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IF2XOF2IXT Flex I/O-XT Analog Combination Module, 2-In/2-Out 1794-IF2XOF2IXT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IF2XOF2I Flex I/O Analog Module, 2-In/2-Out-Isolated 1794-IF2XOF2I Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8XT Flex XT I/O Analog Input Module 8 Inputs, 12 Bit 1794-IE8XT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8XOE4 Flex I/O Analog Combination Module 8-In/4-Out 1794-IE8XOE4 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8K FLEX I/O Analog Input Module, Conformal Coat, 8-Point 1794-IE8K Flex I/O
Allen Bradley 1794-IE8H Flex I/O HART Analog Input Module, 8 Inputs 1794-IE8H Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8 FLEX I/O Analog Input Module 8 Single-Ended Inputs 1794-IE8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IE4XOE2XT Flex I/O-XT Analog Module 4-In/2-Out 1794-IE4XOE2XT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IE4XOE2 Flex I/O Analog Module 4-In/2-Out Single-Ended 1794-IE4XOE2 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IE12 Flex I/O Analog Input Module, 12 Inputs, 16-Bit 1794-IE12 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-ID2 FLEX I/O Input Module 2-Channel Incremental Encoder 1794-ID2 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IC16 Flex I/O Input Module 16-Input Sink, 48VDC 1794-IC16 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IB8S FLEX I/O Sensor Input Module, 24V DC, 8 Inputs 1794-IB8S Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IB8 FLEX I/O Input Module, 24V DC, 8 Sink Inputs 1794-IB8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IB32 FLEX I/O Input Module, 24V DC, 32 Sink Inputs 1794-IB32 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IB16XT FLEX I/O-XT Digital Input Module, 16-Point, 24VDC 1794-IB16XT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IB16XOB16P Flex I/O Module 24VDC 16-In/16-Out Protected 1794-IB16XOB16P Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IB16D FLEX I/O Input Module 24VDC 16-In-Sink , Diagnostic 1794-IB16D Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IB16 FLEX I/O Input Module, 24V DC, 16 Sink Inputs 1794-IB16 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IB10XOB6XT FLEX I/O-XT Digital Combo, 10-In/6-Out, 24VDC 1794-IB10XOB6XT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IB10XOB6 Flex I/O Module, 24VDC 10-In-Sink/6-Out-Source 1794-IB10XOB6 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IA8I Flex XT I/O Input Module 120VAC, 8 Isolated Inputs 1794-IA8I Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IA8 Flex I/O Input Module, 120VAC, 8 Inputs 1794-IA8 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-IA16 FLEX I/O AC Input Module, 120V AC, 16 Inputs 1794-IA16 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-FLA FlexLogix Extended Local I/O Adapter 1794-FLA Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-CJC2 Flex Cold Junction Compensation, 1 Pieces 1794-CJC2 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-CE3 FLEX I/O Extender Cable 3 ft (0.9 m) 1794-CE3 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-CE1 FLEX I/O Extender Cable 1 ft (0.3 m) 1794-CE1 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-ASB2 FLEX RIO Adapter 24VDC PS 2 I/O Module Capacity 1794-ASB2 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-ASB FLEX Remote I/O Adapter 24VDC PS 8 I/O Module Capacity 1794-ASB Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-APB Profibus DP FLEX I/O Adapter Module 1794-APB Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-AENTRXT FLEX XT I/O EtherNet/IP Redundant Adapter 1794-AENTRXT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-AENTR FLEX I/O EtherNet/IP Redundant Adapter Module 1794-AENTR Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-AENT EtherNet/IP 10/100 Mbs FLEX I/O Adapter Module 1794-AENT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-ADN DeviceNet FLEX I/O 24V DC Media Adapter Module 1794-ADN Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-ACNR15XT FLEX I/O-XT ControlNet Redundant Adapter Module 1794-ACNR15XT Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-ACNR15 FLEX I/O ControlNet Redundant Adapter Module 1794-ACNR15 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-ACNR ControlNet Flex I/O Redundant Media Adapter Module 1794-ACNR Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-ACN15 ControlNet Flex I/O Adapter Module 24V DC 1794-ACN15 Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1794-ACN ControlNet Flex I/O Adapter Module 24V DC 1794-ACN Flex I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-VTM POINT I/O Voltage Terminal Module, Single-Slot, 12 mm 1734-VTM Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-VHSC5 POINT I/O 5V DC Very High Speed Counter 1734-VHSC5 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-VHSC24 POINT I/O 24VDC Very High Speed Counter Source Outputs 1734-VHSC24 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-VHSC POINT I/O Very High Speed Counter, Source Outputs 1734-VHSC Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-TOPS POINT I/O One-piece Terminal Base with Spring Clamp 1734-TOPS Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-TOP3S POINT I/O Terminal Base, Screw Clamp, 12 Termination 1734-TOP3S Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-TOP3 POINT I/O Terminal Base, Screw Clamp, 12 Terminations 1734-TOP3 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-TOP POINT I/O One-piece Terminal Base with Screw Clamp 1734-TOP Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-TBS POINT I/O Module Bases w/Removable IEC Spring Terminal 1734-TBS Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-TBCJC POINT I/O Module Base w/ CJC Spring Terminal 1734-TBCJC Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-TB3S POINT I/O 12-Position IP20 Spring Terminal Base 1734-TB3S Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-TB3 POINT I/O 12-Position IP20 Screw Terminal Base 1734-TB3 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-TB POINT I/O Module Base w/ Removable IEC Screw Terminal 1734-TB Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-SSI POINT I/O SSI Absolute Encoder Interface Module 1734-SSI Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-RTBS Replacement IEC Spring Terminal Block 1734-RTBS Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-RTBCJC Replacement CJC Screw Terminal Block 1734-RTBCJC Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-RTB3S 12 Position IP20 Spring Terminal Block 1734-RTB3S Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-RTB3 Replacement 12 Position IP20 Screw Terminal Block 1734-RTB3 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-RTB Replacement IEC Screw Terminal Block 1734-RTB Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-PDN POINT I/O DeviceNet Communication Interface Module 1734-PDN Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OX2 POINT I/O 2-Relay Digital Contact Output Module 1734-OX2 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OW4 POINT Digital Contact Output Module 24V DC 1734-OW4 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OW2 POINT I/O Digital Contact Output Module 24V DC 1734-OW2 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OV8E POINT I/O Sink Output Module 8-Ch 24VDC 1734-OV8E Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OV4E POINT I/O 24V DC 4-Channel Sink Output Module, Protected 1734-OV4E Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OE4C POINT I/O 24VDC 4-Channel Analog Current Output Module 1734-OE4C Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OE2V POINT I/O 2-Ch Analog Voltage Output Module 1734-OE2V Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OE2C POINT I/O 24VDC 2-Channel Analog Current Output Module 1734-OE2C Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8S POINT I/O 8-Channel Safety Sourcing Output Module 1734-OB8S Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8E POINT I/O 24V DC 8-Ch Enhanced Source Output Module 1734-OB8E Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8 POINT I/O 24V DC 8-Channel Source Output Module 1734-OB8 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OB4E POINT I/O 24V DC 4-Ch Source Output Module, Protected 1734-OB4E Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OB4 POINT I/O Digital Output Module, 4-P, 24V DC, Source 1734-OB4 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OB2EP POINT I/O 24V DC 2A 2-Channel Source Output, Protected 1734-OB2EP Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OB2E POINT I/O 24V DC 2-Channel Source Output, Protected 1734-OB2E Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OA4 POINT I/O 120/230V AC 4-Channel Output Module 1734-OA4 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-OA2 POINT I/O 120/230V AC 2-Channel Output Module 1734-OA2 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-MB Point I/O Mounting Base 1734-MB Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IV8 POINT I/O 24V DC 8-Channel Source Input Module 1734-IV8 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IV4 POINT I/O 24V DC 4-Channel Source Input Module 1734-IV4 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IV2 POINT I/O 24V DC 2-Channel Source Input Module 1734-IV2 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IT2I POINT I/O 24V DC 2-Channel Thermocouple Input Module 1734-IT2I Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IR2E POINT I/O 24V DC 2 Channel RTD Input Module 1734-IR2E Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IR2 POINT I/O 24V DC 2-Channel RTD Input Module 1734-IR2 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IM4 POINT I/O 220V AC 4-Channel Input Module 1734-IM4 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IM2 POINT I/O 230V AC 2-Channel Input Module 1734-IM2 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IK POINT I/O 24V DC Incremental Encoder Module 1734-IK Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IJ POINT I/O 5V DC Incremental Encoder Module 1734-IJ Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IE8C POINT I/O 8-Channel Analog Current Input Module 1734-IE8C Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IE4S POINT Guard I/O Safety 4-Channel Analog Input 1734-IE4S Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IE4C POINT I/O 4-Channel High Density Current Input Module 1734-IE4C Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IE2V POINT I/O 2-Channel Analog Voltage Input Module 1734-IE2V Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IE2C POINT I/O 2-Channel Analog Current Input Module 1734-IE2C Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IB8SK POINT Digital Input 24V DC 8-Ch Safety-Rated 1734-IB8SK Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IB8S POINT Digital Input Module 24VDC 8-Ch Sink Safety 1734-IB8S Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IB8 POINT Digital DC Input Module 24V DC 8Ch Sink 1734-IB8 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IB4D POINT I/O 24V DC 4-Channel Sink Diagnostics Input Module 1734-IB4D Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IB4 POINT I/O 24V DC 4-Channel Sink Input Module 1734-IB4 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IB2 POINT I/O 24V DC 2-Channel Sink Input Module 1734-IB2 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IA4 POINT I/O 120V AC 4-Channel Input Module, Sink 1734-IA4 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-IA2 POINT I/O 120V AC 2-Channel Input Module 1734-IA2 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-FPD Point I/O Field Potential Distributor Module 1734-FPD Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-EPAC Point I/O Power/Bus Expansion Module, 120/240V AC 1734-EPAC Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-EP24DC Point I/O 24VDC POWER/BUS Expansion Power Supply 1734-EP24DC Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734D-IB8XOW8S Point I/O 24V DC Module 8-In/8-Relay DNet, Spring 1734D-IB8XOW8S Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734D-IB8XOW8 Point I/O 24VDC Module, 8-In/8-Relay DeviceNet 1734D-IB8XOW8 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734D-IB8XOB8ES 24V DC 8 Sink In/8 Source Out, Spring, DeviceNet 1734D-IB8XOB8ES Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734D-IB8XOB8E 24V DC 8 Sink In/8 Source Out, Screw, DeviceNet 1734D-IB8XOB8E Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734D-IB16S 24V DC 16 Input Module, Spring Terminal, DeviceNet 1734D-IB16S Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734D-IB16 24V DC 16 Input Module, Screw Terminal, DeviceNet 1734D-IB16 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734D-IA8XOW8 120V AC 8 Input/8 Relay Output, Screw, DeviceNet 1734D-IA8XOW8 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734D-IA8XOA8 120V AC 8 In/8 Out Module, Screw Terminal, DeviceNet 1734D-IA8XOA8 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734D-IA16 120V AC 16 Input Module w/Screw Terminal, DeviceNet 1734D-IA16 Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-CTM Common Terminal Module, Single-Slot, 12 mm Wide 1734-CTM Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-ARM POINT I/O Address Reserve Module 1734-ARM Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-APB Point I/O PROFIBUS Adapter Module, 24V DC Power 1734-APB Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-AENTR 2-Port EtherNet/IP Twisted Pair I/O Adapter 24V DC 1734-AENTR Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-AENT EtherNet/IP TP Media I/O Adapter 24V DC 1734-AENT Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-ADNX POINT I/O 24V DC DeviceNet Adapter, Subnet Expansion 1734-ADNX Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-ADN POINT I/O 24V DC DeviceNet Adapter 1734-ADN Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-ACNR Point I/O 24V DC ControlNet Adapter 1734-ACNR Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-8CFGDLX 8-Ch Self-Configuring I/O Module with DeviceLogix 1734-8CFGDLX Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-4IOL Point I/O 4-Channel IO-Link Master Module 1734-4IOL Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-485ASC Point I/O RS-485/RS-422 ASCII Interface 1734-485ASC Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1734-232ASC Point I/O RS-232 ASCII Interface 1734-232ASC Point I/O
Allen-Bradley 1769-SM2 Compact I/O DSI Module for PowerFlex 4 & 40 AC drives 1769-SM2 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-SM1 Compact I/O DPI/SCANport Communication Module 3-Ch 1769-SM1 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-SDN DeviceNet Scanner for MicroLogix & CompactLogix 1769-SDN CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-RTBN18 Replacement 18 Pin NEMA Terminal Block 1769-RTBN18 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-PB4 CompactLogix Power Supply 24VDC Input, 4A@5V DC Output 1769-PB4 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-PB2 CompactLogix Power Supply 24VDC Input, 2A@5V DC Output 1769-PB2 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-PA4 CompactLogix Power Supply 120/240VAC, DC Output 1769-PA4 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-PA2 Power Supply 120/240V AC Input, 2A @ 5V DC Output 1769-PA2 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OW8I CompactLogix Relay Output Module 8 Isolated Points 1769-OW8I CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OW8 CompactLogix Relay Output Module, 8 Point VAC/VDC 1769-OW8 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OW16 CompactLogix 16-Point AC/DC Relay Output Module 1769-OW16 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OV32T CompactLogix 32-Point 24V DC Sink Output Module 1769-OV32T CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OV16 CompactLogix 16-Point 24V DC Sink Output Module 1769-OV16 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OF8V CompactLogix 8 Channel Analog Voltage Output Module 1769-OF8V CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OF8C CompactLogix 8-Ch Analog Output Current Module 1769-OF8C CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OF4VI 4 Channel Analog Voltage Isolated Output Module 1769-OF4VI CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OF4CI Compact I/O 4-Ch Analog Current Isolated Output 1769-OF4CI CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OF4 Compact I/O 4-Ch Analog Current/Voltage Output Module 1769-OF4 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OF2 CompactLogix 2-Ch Analog Current/Voltage Output Module 1769-OF2 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OB8 CompactLogix 8 Point 24 VDC Sourcing Output Module 1769-OB8 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OB32T Compact I/O 32-Point 24V DC Source Output Module 1769-OB32T CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OB32 CompactLogix 32-Point 24V DC Source Output Module 1769-OB32 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OB16P CompactLogix 16-P 24VDC Fused Source Output Module 1769-OB16P CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OB16 CompactLogix 16 Point 24 VDC Sourcing Output Module 1769-OB16 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OA8 CompactLogix 8-Point 120/240V AC Output Module 1769-OA8 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-OA16 CompactLogix 16-Point 120/240V AC Output Module 1769-OA16 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L36ERMS GuardLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 4.5MB Memory 1769-L36ERMS CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L36ERM CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 3MB Memory 1769-L36ERM CompactLogix
Allen Bradley 1769-L35E CompactLogix EtherNet Processor, 1.5 MB Memory 1769-L35E CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L35CR CompactLogix ControlNet Redundant Controller, 1.5Mb 1769-L35CR CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L33ERMS GuardLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller 3MB Memory 1769-L33ERMS CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L33ERM CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 2MB Memory 1769-L33ERM CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L33ER CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 2MB Memory 1769-L33ER CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L32E CompactLogix Controller, 750 KB 1769-L32E CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L32C CompactLogix ControlNet Processor, 750 Kbyte Memory 1769-L32C CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L31 CompactLogix Dual Serial Port Processor, 512 KB Memory 1769-L31 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L30ER-NSE CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 1MB 1769-L30ER-NSE CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L30ERMS GuardLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 1.5MB Memory 1769-L30ERMS CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L30ERM CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 1MB Memory 1769-L30ERM CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L30ER CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 1MB Memory 1769-L30ER CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L30 CompactLogix Dual Serial Port Processor, 256 KB Memory 1769-L30 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L27ERM-QBFC1B CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 1MB 1769-L27ERM-QBFC1B CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L24ER-QBFC1B CompactLogix Ethernet Controller, 0.75MB 1769-L24ER-QBFC1B CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L24ER-QB1B CompactLogix 5370 Controller, 2-EtherNet/IP, DLR, USB 1769-L24ER-QB1B CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L23-QBFC1B CompactLogix Dual Serial Port CPU 512KB 24V DC 1769-L23-QBFC1B CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L23E-QBFC1B CompactLogix Packaged Controller EtherNet/IP, 24VDC 1769-L23E-QBFC1B CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L23E-QB1B CompactLogix Packaged EtherNet Controller, 512KB 1769-L23E-QB1B CompactLogix
Allen Bradley 1769-L20 CompactLogix 5320 Processor, 64 Kbyte Memory 1769-L20 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L19ER-BB1B CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller 1MB 1769-L19ER-BB1B CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L18ERM-BB1B CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 512KB 1769-L18ERM-BB1B CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L18ER-BB1B CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 512KB 1769-L18ER-BB1B CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-L16ER-BB1B CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 384KB 1769-L16ER-BB1B CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IT6 CompactLogix 6 Channel Thermocouple/mV Input Module 1769-IT6 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IR6 CompactLogix 6 Channel RTD/Resistance Input Module 1769-IR6 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IQ6XOW4 Compact I/O Digital Combo Module, 6-In/4-Out 1769-IQ6XOW4 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IQ32T CompactLogix 32-Point 24VDC Single Wide Input Module 1769-IQ32T CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IQ32 CompactLogix 32-Point 24V DC Sink/Source Input Module 1769-IQ32 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IQ16F CompactLogix 24V DC High-Speed Input Module 16-Point 1769-IQ16F CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IQ16 CompactLogix Input Module 16-Point 24V DC Sink/Source 1769-IQ16 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IM12 Compact I/O 12-Points, 240V AC Input Module 1769-IM12 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IG16 Compact TTL 16-Point Input Module, 5V DC 1769-IG16 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IF8 CompactLogix 8-Ch Analog Voltage/Current Input Module 1769-IF8 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IF4XOF2 CompactLogix High Speed 4 In/2 Out Analog Module 1769-IF4XOF2 CompactLogix
Allen Bradley 1769-IF4I CompactLogix Analog Cur/Volt Input, 4-Ch, Isolated 1769-IF4I CompactLogix
Allen Bradley 1769-IF4FXOF2F CompactLogix High Speed 4 In/2 Out Analog Module 1769-IF4FXOF2F CompactLogix
Allen Bradley 1769-IF4 CompactLogix 4-Ch Analog Current/Voltage Input Module 1769-IF4 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IF16V 16-Channel Analog Voltage Input Module 1769-IF16V CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IF16C CompactLogix 16-Ch Analog Current Input Module 1769-IF16C CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IA8I CompactLogix 8-Point 120VAC Isolated Input Module 1769-IA8I CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-IA16 CompactLogix 120VAC Digital Input Module 16 Point 1769-IA16 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-HSC CompactLogix 2/4-Ch High Speed Counter/Encoder 1769-HSC CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-ECR CompactLogix Right End Cap/Terminator 1769-ECR CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-ECL CompactLogix Left End Cap/Terminator 1769-ECL CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-CRR3 Compact I/O Right-To-Right Bus Cable 3.28ft (1m) 1769-CRR3 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-CRR1 Compact I/O Right-To-Right Bus Expansion Cable 1769-CRR1 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-CRL3 Compact I/O Right-To-Left Bus Ext Cable, 3.28ft (1 m) 1769-CRL3 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-CRL1 Compact I/O Right-To-Left Bus Ext Cable, 1ft (305 mm) 1769-CRL1 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-CLL3 Compact I/O Left-To-Left Bus Cable, 3.28ft (1m) 1769-CLL3 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-BOOLEAN Compact I/O Boolean Control Module, 8DI/4DO, 24VDC 1769-BOOLEAN CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-ASCII CompactLogix 2 Ch RS232/RS485/RS422 ASCII Module 1769-ASCII CompactLogix
Allen Bradley 1769-ARM CompactLogix Address Reserve Module 1769-ARM CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-AENTR Compact I/O EtherNet/IP Module Dual Ethernet Ports 1769-AENTR CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1769-ADN Compact I/O DeviceNet Adapter Module 1769-ADN CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-PB3 CompactLogix Power Supply 24V DC Single-Input, 3.5A 1768-PB3 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-PA3 CompactLogix Power Supply 120/240VAC Input 3.5A/24VDC 1768-PA3 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-M04SE CompactLogix 4 Axis Sercos Interface Module 1768-M04SE CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-L45S Compact GuardLogix Processor, 3MB Std Mem 1MB Safety 1768-L45S CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-L45 CompactLogix L45 Processor, 3MB Memory 1768-L45 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-L43S Compact GuardLogix Processor 2MB St/0.5MB Safety 1768-L43S CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-L43 CompactLogix L43 Processor, 2MB Memory 1768-L43 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-KY1 Replacement Keys for L43/L43S/L45/L45S Processor, 2pcs 1768-KY1 CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-EWEB CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Enhanced Web Server Module 1768-EWEB CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-ENBT CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Bridge Module for 1769-L4x 1768-ENBT CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-CNBR CompactLogix L4x ControlNet Redundant Media Bridge 1768-CNBR CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1768-CNB CompactLogix L4 ControlNet Bridge Module, 1 BNC connector 1768-CNB CompactLogix
Allen-Bradley 1766-MM1 MicroLogix 1400 384 KB Memory Module 1766-MM1 MicroLogix 1400
Allen-Bradley 1766-L32BXBA MicroLogix 1400 PLC, 24V DC Power 1766-L32BXBA MicroLogix 1400
Allen-Bradley 1766-L32BXB MicroLogix 1400 PLC, 24V DC Power 1766-L32BXB MicroLogix 1400
Allen-Bradley 1766-L32BWAA MicroLogix 1400 PLC, 110/240V AC Power 1766-L32BWAA MicroLogix 1400
Allen-Bradley 1766-L32BWA MicroLogix 1400 PLC, 110/240V AC Power 1766-L32BWA MicroLogix 1400
Allen-Bradley 1766-L32AWAA MicroLogix 1400 PLC, 110/240V AC Power 1766-L32AWAA MicroLogix 1400
Allen-Bradley 1766-L32AWA MicroLogix 1400 PLC, 110/240V AC Power 1766-L32AWA MicroLogix 1400
Allen-Bradley 1764-RTC MicroLogix 1500 Real-Time Clock Module (RTC Module) 1764-RTC MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-MM3RTC MicroLogix 1500 64K Memory with Real Time Clock 1764-MM3RTC MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-MM2RTC MicroLogix 1500 16 KB Memory Module with RTC 1764-MM2RTC MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-MM2 MicroLogix 1500 16 KB Memory Module 1764-MM2 MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-MM1RTC MicroLogix 1500 8 KB Memory Module with RTC 1764-MM1RTC MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-MM1 MicroLogix 1500 8 KB Memory Module 1764-MM1 MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-LSP MicroLogix 1500 Standard Processor Unit 7.65K Words 1764-LSP MicroLogix 1500
MicroLogix 1500 Processor with RS-232 Communication Port, 14K Words 1764-LRP MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-DAT MicroLogix 1500 Optional Data Access Plug-in Tool 1764-DAT MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-28BXB MicroLogix 1500 Base 24VDC 16 24VDC Inputs 6 Relay 1764-28BXB MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-24BWA MicroLogix 1500 Base 120VAC, 12-In 24VDC 12-Relay 1764-24BWA MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1764-24AWA MicroLogix 1500 Base 120VAC, 12-In 120VAC, 12-Relay 1764-24AWA MicroLogix 1500
Allen-Bradley 1763-NC01 DH-485 Cable 8-Pin Mini DIN to 6-Pin for MicroLogix 1100 1763-NC01 MicroLogix 1100
Allen-Bradley 1763-MM1 MicroLogix 1100 128KB Memory Module 1763-MM1 MicroLogix 1100
Allen-Bradley 1763-L16DWD MicroLogix 1100 Controller, Enet/RS232, 16 I/O, DC 1763-L16DWD MicroLogix 1100
Allen-Bradley 1763-L16BWA MicroLogix 1100 Controller, 120/240VAC, 16-P 1763-L16BWA MicroLogix 1100
Allen-Bradley 1763-L16BBB MicroLogix 1100 Controller, 24V DC 16-P 1763-L16BBB MicroLogix 1100
Allen-Bradley 1763-L16AWA MicroLogix 1100 Controller, 120/240VAC 16-Points 1763-L16AWA MicroLogix 1100
Allen-Bradley 1762-RTC MicroLogix 1200 Real-Time Clock Module 1762-RTC MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-OX6I MicroLogix Expansion Digital Contact Output, 6-Point 1762-OX6I MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-OW8 MicroLogix 8 Point VAC/VDC Relay Output Module 1762-OW8 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-OW16 MicroLogix 1200 16 Point VAC/VDC Relay Output Module 1762-OW16 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-OV32T MicroLogix 1200 32 Point 24V DC Sink Output 1762-OV32T MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-OF4 MicroLogix 4-Ch Analog Output Module, Voltage/Current 1762-OF4 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-OB8 MicroLogix 8-Point Digital Output Module 24V DC Source 1762-OB8 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-OB32T MicroLogix Digital Output, 32-Point, 24V DC 0.5A 1762-OB32T MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-OB16 MicroLogix Digital Output Module, 16-Ch 24VDC Source 1762-OB16 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-OA8 MicroLogix 8-Point Digital Output Module, 120/240V AC 1762-OA8 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-MM1RTC MicroLogix 1200 Memory and Real-Time Clock Module 1762-MM1RTC MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-MM1 MicroLogix Memory Module 8K-word 1762-MM1 MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L40BXBR MicroLogix 1200 40-Ch 24VDC Power/Inputs Relay/FET 1762-L40BXBR MicroLogix 1200
Allen Bradley 1762-L40BXB MicroLogix 1200 Controller, 24V DC, 40-Points 1762-L40BXB MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L40BWAR MicroLogix 1200 120/240VAC 24-In/16-Out w/HMI Port 1762-L40BWAR MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L40BWA MicroLogix 1200 40P 120/240VAC 24VDC Inputs 16 Relay 1762-L40BWA MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L40AWAR MicroLogix 1200 40P 120/240VAC 16 Relay w/HMI Port 1762-L40AWAR MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L40AWA MicroLogix 1200 120/240VAC 24-In/16-Out (Relay) 1762-L40AWA MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L24BXBR MicroLogix 1200, 24 VDC with Programming/HMI Port 1762-L24BXBR MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L24BXB MicroLogix 1200 14 Input 24VDC 5 Relays 5 FET 1762-L24BXB MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L24BWAR MicroLogix 1200 120/240VAC 14-In/10-Out w/HMI Port 1762-L24BWAR MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L24BWA MicroLogix 1200 Controller, 120/240VAC 14-In/10-Out 1762-L24BWA MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L24AWAR MicroLogix 14-Inputs 120VAC 10-Relay HMI Ports 1762-L24AWAR MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-L24AWA MicroLogix 1200 14 120VAC Inputs, 10 Relay Outputs 1762-L24AWA MicroLogix 1200
Allen-Bradley 1762-IT4 MicroLogix Expansion Thermocouple/mV Input Module 4-Ch 1762-IT4 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-IR4 MicroLogix Expansion RTD/Resistance Input Module, 4 Ch 1762-IR4 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-IQ8OW6 8-Ch 24V DC Sink/Source Input 6 AC/DC Relay Output 1762-IQ8OW6 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-IQ8 MicroLogix 8-Ch 24V DC Sink/Source Input Module 1762-IQ8 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-IQ32T MicroLogix Digital Input, 32-P, 24V DC Sink/Source 1762-IQ32T MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-IQ16 MicroLogix 16 Point 24VDC Sink/Source Input Module 1762-IQ16 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-IF4 MicroLogix 4-Ch Current/Voltage Analog Input Module 1762-IF4 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-IF2OF2 MicroLogix 4-Ch Analog Combo Module, 2 In/2 Out 1762-IF2OF2 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1762-IA8 MicroLogix 8-Point 120V AC Input Module 1762-IA8 MicroLogix Input/Output Modules
Allen-Bradley 1761-SIM-B16 Micrologix 1000 Simulator Module 10 Inputs 24V 1761-SIM-B16 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-ENIW EtherNet Interface Module with Web-server 1761-NET-ENIW MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-ENI EtherNet Interface for SLC 500/MLogix/CompactLogix 1761-NET-ENI MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-DNI DeviceNet Interface, SLC-500/MLogix/CompactLogix 1761-NET-DNI MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-AIC AIC+ Advanced Interface Converter 1761-NET-AIC MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L32BWB MicroLogix 1000, 24VDC, 20-In-24VDC/12-Out-Relays 1761-L32BWB MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L32BWA MicroLogix 1000 120/240VAC, 20-In-24VDC/12-Relays 1761-L32BWA MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L32BBB MicroLogix 1000 24V DC, 20-In/10-Out/2-Relays 1761-L32BBB MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L32AWA MicroLogix 1000 120/240VAC, 20-In-120VAC/12-Relays 1761-L32AWA MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L32AAA MicroLogix 1000 120/240VAC 20 120VAC Digital Inputs 1761-L32AAA MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L20BWB-5A MicroLogix 1000, 24V DC Power, 12 24V DC Inputs 1761-L20BWB-5A MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L20BWA-5A MicroLogix 1000, 12 24V DC Digital Inputs 1761-L20BWA-5A MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L20AWA-5A MicroLogix 1000, 12 120V AC Digital Inputs 1761-L20AWA-5A MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L16NWB MicroLogix 1000 PLC, 10-DI/6-Relay, 24V DC Power 1761-L16NWB MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L16BWB MicroLogix 1000 24VDC, 10-In-24VDC/6-Out-Relays 1761-L16BWB MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L16BWA MicroLogix 1000 120/240VAC, 10-In-24VDC/6-Relays 1761-L16BWA MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L16BBB MicroLogix 1000 24V DC 10-In-24VDC/4-MOSFET/2-Relay 1761-L16BBB MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L16AWA MicroLogix 1000 120/240VAC, 10-In-120VAC/6-Relays 1761-L16AWA MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L10BXB MicroLogix (6) 24V DC In, 2 DC FET/2 Relay Out, DC 1761-L10BXB MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L10BWB MicroLogix 1000, 24V DC, 6-In-24VDC 4-Out-Relay 1761-L10BWB MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-L10BWA MicroLogix 1000, 120/240VAC, 6-In-24VDC 4-Out-Relay 1761-L10BWA MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-HHP-B30 Hand Held Programmer for MicroLogix 1000 1761-HHP-B30 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-HHM-K64 Memory Module for Hand-Held Programmer, 64K 1761-HHM-K64 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-HHM-K08 Memory Module for Hand-Held Programmer, 8K 1761-HHM-K08 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-CBL-PM02 8-Pin Mini DIN to 9-Pin D Shell RS232 Cable 1761-CBL-PM02 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-CBL-HM02 Cable RS-232 8-Pin Mini DIN to 8-Pin Mini DIN 6.5 ft 1761-CBL-HM02 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-CBL-AS09 Controller/DH-485 Cable 6-Pin Phoenix to RJ45 1761-CBL-AS09 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-CBL-AS03 Controller/DH-485 Cable 6-Pin Phoenix to RJ45 1761-CBL-AS03 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-CBL-AP00 RS-232 Cable, 8-Pin Mini DIN to 9-Pin D Shell 1761-CBL-AP00 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-CBL-AM00 RS-232 Operating Cable 8Pin MiniDIN/8Pin Mini DIN 1761-CBL-AM00 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1761-CBL-AC00 RS-232 Operating Cable 9-Pin D Shell/9-Pin D Shell A 1761-CBL-AC00 MicroLogix 1000
Allen-Bradley 1747-UIC USB to DH-485 Interface Converter, RS-232 & RS-485 1747-UIC SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-SN SLC 500 Remote I/O Scanner Module 1747-SN SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-SDN SLC-500 DeviceNet Scanner Module 1747-SDN SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-SCNR SLC 500 ControlNet Scanner 1747-SCNR SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-PT1 SLC 500 Hand-Held Terminal with 6-inch Cable 1747-PT1 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-PSD Program Storage Device for SLC 5/03 - 5/05, MicroLogix 1747-PSD SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-PIC SLC 500 RS-232 to DH-485 Interface Converter 1747-PIC SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-PCIC SLC 500 PCI Bus Rack Interconnect Cable, 3m 1747-PCIC SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-OS401 SLC 5/04 CPU Firmware Upgrade Kit to OS401 1747-OS401 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-OS302 SLC 5/03 CPU Firmware Upgrade Kit to OS302 1747-OS302 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-OCIDE25 SLC 500 Open Controller IDE Interface Module 1747-OCIDE25 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-OCEEEBA Open Controller CPU, 32MB DRAM, 60MB Flash, MS-DOS 1747-OCEEEBA SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-OCEBCBA Open Controller CPU, 4MB DRAM, 10MB Flash, MS-DOS 1747-OCEBCBA SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-NP1 Wall Mounted Power Supply, 120V AC Input, 24V DC 1747-NP1 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-M5 Adapter Socket for SLC 5/01 and SLC 5/02 processors 1747-M5 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-M2 SLC 500 4K EEPROM Memory Module for SLC 5/01 5/02 1747-M2 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-M15 SLC 500 EEPROM Memory Module Adapter Socket 1747-M13 1747-M15 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-M13 SLC 500 Flash Memory Module, 64K 1747-M13 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-M12 SLC 500 Flash Memory Module, 64K SLC 5/03, 5/04, 5/05 1747-M12 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-M11 SLC 500 Flash Memory Module, 32K SLC 5/03, 5/04, 5/05 1747-M11 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-M1 EEPROM Memory Module 1K for SLC 5/01 -5/02 1747-M1 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L553P SLC 500 SLC 5/05 CPU Controller 64K, Pro-Set 200 1747-L553P SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L553 SLC 5/05 Controller, 64K, Ethernet & RS-232 1747-L553 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L552 SLC 5/05 Controller, 32K, Ethernet & RS-232 1747-L552 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L551 SLC 5/05 Controller, 16K, Ethernet & RS-232 1747-L551 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L543P SLC500 SLC5/04 CPU Controller 64K, Pro-Set 200 1747-L543P SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen Bradley 1747-L543 SLC 5/04 SLC 500 CPU Controller, 64K Memory DH+ & RS-232 1747-L543 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L542P SLC500 SLC5/04 CPU Controller 32K, Pro-Set 200 1747-L542P SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen Bradley 1747-L542 SLC 5/04 CPU Controller 32K DH+ & RS-232 Ports 1747-L542 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen Bradley 1747-L541 SLC 5/04 CPU Controller 16K DH+ & RS-232 Ports 1747-L541 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L533 SLC 5/03 CPU Controller 32K DH-485/RS232 Ports 1747-L533 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L532 SLC 5/03 CPU Controller 16K DH-485/RS232 Ports 1747-L532 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L531 SLC 5/03 Processor 8K Memory, DH485 & RS-232 1747-L531 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L524 SLC 5/02 Processor 4K Memory DH-485 1747-L524 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L514 SLC 5/01 Processor 4K Memory DH485 Communication 1747-L514 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L511 SLC 5/01 Processor 1K Memory DH485 1747-L511 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L40F SLC 500 Controller, 1K DH-485, 24DI/16DO, 24V DC 1747-L40F SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L40E SLC 500 Controller 1K DH-485, 24DI/16DO, 120/240V AC 1747-L40E SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L40C SLC 500 Controller, 1K DH-485, 24DI/16DO, 120/240V AC 1747-L40C SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L40B SLC 500 Controller 1K DH-485, 24DI/16DO, 120/240V AC 1747-L40B SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L40A SLC 500 Processor 1K DH-485, 24-In/16-Out 120/240V AC 1747-L40A SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L30D SLC 500 Controller, 1K DH-485, 18DI/12DO, 120/240V AC 1747-L30D SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L30C SLC 500 Controller, 1K DH-485, 18DI/12DO, 120/240V AC 1747-L30C SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L30B SLC 500 Controller 18 Inputs 120VAC, 12 Triac Outputs 1747-L30B SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L30A SLC 500 Controller, 1K DH-485, 18DI/12DO, 120/240V AC 1747-L30A SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L20E SLC 500 Controller, 1K DH-485, 12DI/8DO, 120/240V AC 1747-L20E SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L20C SLC 500 Controller, 1K DH-485, 12DI/8DO, 120/240V AC 1747-L20C SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-L20A SLC 500 Controller, 1K DH-485, 12DI/8DO, 120/240V AC 1747-L20A SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-KY1 Keys for SLC, Compact & ControlLogix Processors 1747-KY1 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen Bradley 1747-KFC15 SLC 500 ControlNet Serial Interface Module 1747-KFC15 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-KE SLC 500 DH-485/RS-232C Communications Interface Module 1747-KE SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-FC Ferrite Collar RS-232 for 1747-L541/1747-L542/1747-L543 1747-FC SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-DTAM-E SLC 500 Data Table Access Module, LED, 2 x 16 Ch 1747-DTAM-E SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-DTAM SLC 500 Data Table Access Module, LCD, 2 x 16 Ch 1747-DTAM SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-DSN Distributed I/O Scanner for SLC 5/01 5/02 Processors 1747-DSN SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-DPS2 Configurable Port Splitter for SLC-500/PLC-5/MicroLogix 1747-DPS2 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-DPS1 RS-232 DF1 Port Splitter for SLC-500/PLC-5/MicroLogix 1747-DPS1 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-DCM SLC500 Direct Communication Module, Remote I/O 1747-DCM SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-CP3 SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04 &SLC 5/05 RS-232 Programmer Cable 1747-CP3 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-C20 DH-485 Operating/Programming Cable RJ-45, 20 ft 1747-C20 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-C13 Cable Specialty Module-to-Isolated Link Coupler, 3ft 1747-C13 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-C11 DH-485 Operating/Programming Cable RJ-45, 1 ft 1747-C11 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-C10 DH-485 Operating/Programming Cable RJ-45, 6 ft 1747-C10 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-BSN SLC 500 Backup Scanner Module 1747-BSN SLC 500 Processor Units
1747-BA 1769-BA SLC 500 CompactLogix Replacement Lithium Battery for Allen-Bradley 1747-BA SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-ASB SLC 500 Universal Remote I/O Adapter Module 1747-ASB SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-AICR SLC 500 DH-485 Isolated Link Coupler 1747-AICR SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-AIC SLC 500 Programmable Controller Isolated Link Coupler 1747-AIC SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-AENTR SLC 500 EtherNet/IP Communication Adapter 2-Port 1747-AENTR SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-ACNR15 SLC 500 2-Port Redundant-Media ControlNet Adapter 1747-ACNR15 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1747-ACN15 SLC 500 1-Port ControlNet I/O Adapter, BNC & NAP 1747-ACN15 SLC 500 Processor Units
Allen-Bradley 1746-RT25R Replacement Terminal Block, Red, AC I/O Module 1746-RT25R SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-RT25G Terminal Block, Green, Specialty I/O Module 1746-RT25G SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-RT25C Terminal Block, Orange Relay Contact Module 1746-RT25C SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-RT25B Replacement Terminal Block, Blue, DC I/O Module 1746-RT25B SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-R14 Replacement Cover for SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04, SLC 5/05 1746-R14 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-QV Open Loop Velocity Control Module 1746-QV SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-QS SLC 500 Synchronized Axes Control Module 1746-QS SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-P7 SLC 500 Rack Mount Power Supply 12/24V DC 2/3.6A 1746-P7 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-P5 SLC 500 Rack Mount Power Supply 125V DC, 5A 1746-P5 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-P4 SLC 500 Rack Mount Power Supply, 120/240VAC, 10A 1746-P4 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-P3 SLC 500 Rack Mount Power Supply 24 VDC, 3.6A 1746-P3 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-P2 SLC 500 Rack Mount Power Supply 120/240V AC 5A 1746-P2 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-P1 SLC 500 Rack Mount Power Supply 120/240V AC 2A 1746-P1 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OX8 SLC 500 Isolated Relay Output Module, 8 Points 1746-OX8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OW8 SLC 500 8-Channel Relay Output Module 1746-OW8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OW4 SLC 500 4-Channel Relay Output Module 1746-OW4 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OW16 SLC 500 16-Channel Relay Output Module 1746-OW16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OVP16 SLC 500 16-Ch High Current DC Output Module Sink 1746-OVP16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OV8 SLC 500 8-Channel DC Output Module 10-50V DC Sink 1746-OV8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OV32 SLC 500 32-Channel DC Output Module 5-50V DC Sink 1746-OV32 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OV16 SLC 500 16-Channel DC Output Module 10-50VDC Sink 1746-OV16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OG16 SLC 500 16-Ch DC Digital TTL Output Module Sinking 1746-OG16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OBP8 SLC 500 Digital Output Module, 8-Point, 24V DC 2A 1746-OBP8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OBP16 SLC 500 High Current DC Output Module 16-Ch Source 1746-OBP16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OB8 SLC 500 8-Channel DC Output Module (Sourcing) 1746-OB8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OB6EI SLC 500 6-Ch 10-30V DC Protected Output Module 1746-OB6EI SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OB32E SLC 500 32-Ch DC Output Module 10-32V DC, Protected 1746-OB32E SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OB32 SLC 500 32-Channel DC Output Module, Sourcing 1746-OB32 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OB16E SLC 500 16-Ch DC Protected Output Module (Source) 1746-OB16E SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OB16 SLC 500 16-Channel DC Output Module (Sourcing) 1746-OB16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OAP12 SLC 500 12-Channel High Current AC Output Module 1746-OAP12 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OA8 SLC 500 8-Channel AC Output Module 1746-OA8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-OA16 SLC 500 16-Channel AC Output Module 1746-OA16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NT8 SLC 500 Thermocouple/mV Analog Input Module 8-Ch 1746-NT8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NT4 SLC 500 Thermocouple/mV Analog Input Module 4 Point 1746-NT4 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NR8 SLC 500 RTD/Resistance Analog Input Module 8 Point 1746-NR8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NR4 SLC 500 RTD/Resistance Analog Input Module 4 Point 1746-NR4 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NO8V SLC 500 High Density Analog Voltage 8-P Output Module 1746-NO8V SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NO8I SLC 500 Analog Current Output Module 8 Points 1746-NO8I SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NO4V SLC 500 Analog Voltage Output Module 4-Ch DC 1746-NO4V SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NO4I SLC 500 Analog Current Output Module 4-Channel 1746-NO4I SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NIO4V SLC 500 Analog Module 2-Inputs 2-Voltage Outputs 1746-NIO4V SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NIO4I SLC 500 Analog Module 2-Inputs 2-Current Outputs 1746-NIO4I SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NI8 SLC 500 Analog Input Module, 8 Channels 1746-NI8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NI4 SLC 500 High Resolution Analog Input Module 4 Point 1746-NI4 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NI16V SLC 500 16-Channel Analog Input Module 10V DC 1746-NI16V SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-NI16I SLC 500 Analog Current Input Module 16-Inputs 1746-NI16I SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-N3 SLC 500 32-Point I/O Module Connector Kit 1746-N3 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-N2 SLC 500 Modular Card Slot Filler 1746-N2 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IV8 SLC 500 24V DC Input Module 8-Channel Sourcing 1746-IV8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IV32 SLC 500 24V DC Input Module 32-Channel Sourcing 1746-IV32 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IV16 SLC 500 24V DC Input Module 16-Channel Sourcing 1746-IV16 SLC 500 IO
Allen Bradley 1746-ITV16 SLC 500 16-Ch Fast Response 24V DC Sourcing Input 1746-ITV16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-ITB16 SLC 500 16-Ch Fast Response 24V DC Sinking Input 1746-ITB16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IO8 SLC 500 Combination Module 4-Input 120VAC 4-Relay N.O. 1746-IO8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IO4 SLC 500 Combination Module 2-Inputs 120VAC 2-Relay N.O 1746-IO4 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IO12DC SLC 500 Digital I/O Combo Module, 6-In/6-Out 1746-IO12DC SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IO12 SLC 500 Module 6-Inputs 120VAC 6-Relay N.O. 1746-IO12 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-INT4 SLC 500 Isolated Thermocouple/Millivolt Analog Input 1746-INT4 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IN16 SLC 500 16-Channel AC/DC Digital Input Module 24V 1746-IN16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IM16 SLC 500 16-Channel AC Input Module 1746-IM16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IH16 SLC-500 DC Input Module 16-Ch 125V DC 1746-IH16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IG16 SLC 500 16-Ch DC Digital TTL Input Module (Source) 1746-IG16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IB8 SLC 500 8-Channel DC Digital Input Module Sinking 1746-IB8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IB32 SLC 500 32-Channel DC Digital Input Module (sinking) 1746-IB32 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IB16 SLC 500 16-Ch DC Digital Input Module (sinking) 1746-IB16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IA8 SLC 500 8-Channel AC Digital Input Module 1746-IA8 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IA4 SLC 500 4-Channel AC Digital Input Module 1746-IA4 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-IA16 SLC 500 16-Channel AC Digital Input Module 1746-IA16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-HT SLC 500 HSRV/IMC 110 Termination Panel, DINRail mount 1746-HT SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-HSTP1 SLC 500 Axis Stepper Controller Module 1746-HSTP1 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-HSRV SLC Servo Control Module, 3 Inputs & 1 Output, 24VDC 1746-HSRV SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-HSCE2 SLC 500 Multi-Channel High-Speed Counter 4-In/4-Out 1746-HSCE2 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-HSCE SLC 500 Single-Channel High-Speed Counter 1-In/4-Out 1746-HSCE SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-HS SLC 500 Motion Module for IMC-110 MC System 1746-HS SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-HCA Operating/Programming Cable 25-Pin / 37-Pin 84" 1746-HCA SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-FIO4V SLC 500 Fast Analog Module 2-Input/2-Outputs-Voltage 1746-FIO4V SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-FIO4I SLC 500 Analog Module 2-Inputs 2-Current Outputs 1746-FIO4I SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-C9 SLC 500 36-Inch Rack Interconnect Cable 1746-C9 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-C7 SLC-500 6-Inch Rack Interconnect Cable 1746-C7 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-C16 SLC-500 Chassis Interconnect Cable, 4 ft (1.22 m) 1746-C16 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-BTM SLC 500 Barrel Temperature Control Module 1746-BTM SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-BLM Blow Molding Module 1746-BLM SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-BAS-T SLC 500 BASIC High-Speed Module 2 Serial Ports 1746-BAS-T SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-BAS SLC 500 BASIC Module 2 Serial Ports 1746-BAS SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-A7 SLC 500 7 Slot Modular Chassis 1746-A7 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-A4 SLC 500 4 Slot Modular Chassis 1746-A4 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-A2 SLC 500 fixed 2-Slot I/O Expansion Chassis 1746-A2 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-A13 SLC 500 13 Slot Modular Chassis 1746-A13 SLC 500 IO
Allen-Bradley 1746-A10 SLC 500 10 Slot Modular Chassis 1746-A10 SLC 500 IO

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