SIM5320E 3G Module GSM GPRS GPS with Serial Interface

SIM5320 3G Module GSM GPRS GPS SIM5320E

SIM5320, SIM5320E 3G Module GSM GPRS GPS with Serial Interface. Use with Arduino and other microcontrollers.

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Sim5320 is a 3G cellular Network GSM/GPRS module. You can send a message, make a call, transfer data though the GPRS or something else.

Add cellular communication capability with a SIM card to your IoT (Internet of Things) Machine M2M projects. For Arduino, Makers, DIY.

You can build a GPS tracking device or monitor data from remote sensors in real time.

Replace the old SIM800, SIM800L, SIM900, SIM808 modules.


This SIM5320E V3.8.2 module has a set of TTL level serial interface, a set of power supply interface. Besides, there are two set of antenna interface on this module, and one is designed for GPS and the other is for GSM/GPRS.

Basic features:

Arduino, STM32, AVR, MCU compatible

Frequency: 850/900/ 1800/1900 /WCDMA 900/WCDMA2100 MHz.

Power supply range: voltage is 4.6-5.2v; current is 1A or more.

Operating temperature range: -40 degrees C to +85 C

Communication interface: The TTL level serial interface compatible with : 2.85 3.3 5v MCU serial

Size: 41*50mm

Description of pins: 

5V    GND    VMCU    RST    TXD    RXD

Use the TTL interface yo connect with a MCU :

MCU     -     SIM5320E MODULE

TXD     -      SRXD

RXD     -     STXD

DC power positive pole    -     VMCU

GND      -      GND

POWER(4.6-5.2v)    -     5V


1 X SIM5320 (SIM5320E) 3G MODULE 

1 X PCB Antenna

1 X GPS Antenna

1 X SMA Antenna

Shipping from Canada.

Specific References

Specific References

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