CNC 4 Axis USB Controller Board for Router Engraver Bitsensor BSMCEO4U-PP

CNC 4 Axis USB Controller Board for Router Engraver

CNC 4 Axis USB Controller Board for Router Engraver, MACH3 Ready

NOT IN STOCK. Pre-Order available. Shipping will take 2 to 4 weeks.

4 Axis USB Controller Board for CNC Router Engraver.

Ready for use with the MACH3 control software. We sell the MACH3 license if you need one!

Package Include :

1 x Breakout board

1 x USB cable

Model: Bitsensor BSMCEO4U-PP




  1. Install MACH3. You can use the demo or purchase a license from us.
  2. Download the Zip file above containing the driver and config file. Put the driver file (RnRMotion.dll) in the Plugins folder of MACH3 : exemple : "C:/Users/ProgramFiles/Mach3/Plugins"
  3. Connect the board to your PC with the USB cable. Your PC should recognize the device automatically.
  4. When you start MACH3, you will be prompted to choose your driver : "RnRMotionController"
  5. Put the config file (Mach3Mill.xml) in the root folder of your MACH3 installation.


cnc controller 4 axis diagram mach3 driver

Shipping from Canada.

Specific References


Specific References



4Axis CNC Controller Driver and Config Files for MACH3

Download (150.93KB)


MACH3 CNC Card Wiring Diagram

Download (88.95KB)

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