Configuration Improvements for Cognex Dataman 300 barcode scanner arrays to avoid crashes

Use these instructions with the camera tunnel setup like this one:

Image result for dataman scan tunnel
Camera Tunnel with Xpand accessory

The following settings are found in the configuration table in the Dataman Config Tool.

  1. Enable high frequency light on each camera. For doubling the amount of light coming from the camera.
  2. Disable all trained codes. If a code is trained at a position, it will only read the barcode at the position.
  3. Lower the slave response on the slave cameras. The slave’s Response Timeout is the time in milliseconds that the master waits for a result from a slave camera.
  4. Remove the Trigger Delay on the master camera. The trigger delay you can specify the start and end of how milliseconds or how many mm to wait before starting an image acquisition once the reader receives a trigger. But, if you don’t have enough spacing between objects while trying to read the code, it will cause device errors.
    1. Move the trigger (photocell) closer to the camera tunnel and remove the trigger delay. This will ensure that you will not get any trigger device errors.
    2. Get enough spacing between scanned objects to avoid any multi-reads.
  5. Untrain all the Train Orientation while tuning codes.

Conversion of a Datalogic RS-232 barcode reader to Ethernet and use with an Allen-Bradley PLC

Datalogic Matrix Barcode Scanner
Datalogic Industrial Controller


  • Camera : Matrix 410
  • Controller: CBX500
  • Display : BM150
  • Backup Module : BM100
  • Ethernet Host Interface Module : 93ACC1812 (View Datalogic PDF)

Dip Switches:

To configure with the Visiset software , you must connect directly with an Ethernet cable between the PC and the master camera. Change Ethernet and CBX Gateway settings:

Using the Datalogic Ethernet barcode reader with an Allen-Bradley PLC

In Studio 5000 or RsLogix5000, you must create a generic Ethernet module, do not use the Add-On Profile!

Module configuration:


RedLion character display and 1734-485ASC Point I/O Serial Communication

Here’s how to use the RedLion display with a 1734-485ASC or 1734-232ASC Point I/O module .

Electrical drawing:

(missing image)

Red Lion LDSS Product Manual:

Module configuration in RsLogix5000 or Studio 5000:

1734-485ASC, RS485 ASCII Communication Module

Tag Usage :

1734-232ASC, RS232 ASCII Communication Module

Tag Usage: